Global scholars

Global Cities, Inc. – A Program of Bloomberg Philanthropie

Global Cities is a New York City based non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing communication among global cities and cultivating the next generation of global citizens.

Global scholars Programme

Global Scholars is a worldwide programme operated by Global Cities, Inc., a tech-savvy, direct peer-to-peer learning programme for students 10 to 13 years old that offers them an opportunity to connect with their peers around the world.

Its purpose is to develop cultural understanding, knowledge of the world, and global competency skills through direct communication in a digital classroom. Global Cities provides the curriculum and study material (workbook), access to the secure e-classroom, and ongoing live professional development for classroom teachers by video conference. There are no fees to the schools.

Sessions are conducted one day per week for 1-2 hours. The exercises from the workbooks are discussed in class and students have to post their views pertaining to them on the Global Scholars website platform. Students are able to read the posts from students from other countries and comment on them and ask questions as well. Students need to answer any questions arising about their posts as well. Students take part in Skype calls named ‘Skype-a-thons’ during the year with students from other countries and get to learn a lot about other cultures. Students also need to take part in surveys at the beginning and end of the year.

Benefits of the program

  • 1. Broaden students’ local-to-global perspective
  • 2. Gain subject matter content knowledge on issue of mutual concern
  • 3. Equip students to navigate a 21st century virtually-connected world
  • 4. Augment digital technology proficiency
  • 5. Promote English language practice and literacy